Elite pruned or removed several small trees and shrubs, pruned two peach trees, and thinned out four tall hemlocks.
I called on a Friday, and received a call back on that Sunday. Brian came out within an hour. We walked around the yard and discussed what I wanted. He listened to me and advised me on whether to remove or prune several trees, demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the subject. He then wrote up an estimate which seemed reasonable to me, so we agreed that he would be out in three days, on that Wednesday.
On the Wednesday, Elite was out as promised, working in the yard. Brian called me to ask about clearing around one tree and pruning rhododendrons. I appreciated that he listed to my concerns and asked me before taking off more than I wanted. I explained that I liked the trees and shrubs as a screen from the street, and he accepted and worked within those guidelines. I’ve worked with many contractors, often as an State inspector, and listening, even to the client, is not all that common. I give Brian high marks for that.
The crew of two worked most of the day in rather drizzly miserable weather, and cleaned up after themselves, hauling off all of the debris. Generally they were a polite and responsible crew.
When it came to charges, they were as we agreed. I would be happy to call them again, and probably will when it is time to prune the peach trees again or I have other similar work.